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Nantucketis a tiny island just 30 miles away from Massachusetts. If you are visiting Massachusetts, you must go this island as well. Ferries are working between the island and the mainland. So, when you decide to visit the island, it is super easy to that. You might ask why you need to visit Nantucket. There are tons of different reasons.

First, this small island has amazing beaches. If you want to spend a calm day on the beach, this island will be a good option. Or if you want to escape from crowded town, you can organize a short trip to this island. You will be close to mainland, but you will also have some degree of privacy.

Also, this island has amazing landscape and architecture. All the pavements and roads are cobblestone. And this gives a fresh and relaxing look to the island. In addition to beaches and parks, it is possible to find arts and culture events as well as shopping in Nantucket.

Beaches & Parks

This island has some amazing beaches. Although it is a small place, natural beaches on the island attract lots of visitors. Americans living in nearby are visiting this island during summer. There are both public and private beach and park options. Public Nantucketbeaches are open for everyone. You can take your towel or sun umbrella and relax on the beach. But things are a bit different when it comes to private beaches.

Most of these private beaches are run by businesses. So, you need to pay to use the beach. Also, some of these beaches are reserved for special activities. It is possible to see different sport competitions on these beaches. Also, you visit parks on this island. You can have short walks or do real sports in these parks. Like beaches, there are both public and private parks.

Arts and Culture on Island

Nantucketis more than beaches and shopping. There are different museums and art galleries on the island. Also, it is possible witness various performances as well. This island also has important museums Maria Mitchell Association and the Nantucket Whaling Museum can be listed as important museums.

Throughout the year, it is possible to see different cultural organizations. There are music festivals, art shows and sport competitions on this island. In general, events are organized during summer. Summer is a vivid season for this island. Local tourists and international tourists are visiting this island. Also, people living in Massachusetts are spending some of their weekends on this island.

Shopping in Nantucket

Shopping in Nantucketwill be an unforgettable experience. If you want to visit the island, just take a ferry that works between Massachusetts and Nantucket. Then, you can see different shops, stores, restaurants and boutiques around the harbor. Harbor is one of the most attractive part of the island. You can download a shopping map to see all the stores. Or you can walk freely and discover different stores by yourself. When you feel tired of shopping, you can rest in one of the cozy restaurants around harbor.