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Memorable Summer Trip to Nantucket

Everyone loves summer. Sea and the sun are the best way to rest and feel good. In the US, there are tons of options for your summer holiday. And Nantucketis one of these options. Actually, this tiny island is popular among tourists from the US as well as other countries. There are tons of attractions and beaches to spend the entire day.

This small island is in Massachusetts. This island is on the northern part of the country. For this reason, people from New Port, Boston and Providence are visiting this holiday island. In fact, this island is located in Cape Cod. Nantucketis approximately 30 miles away from the mainland. This corresponds to 50km.

There are two small islands in addition to one big main island. These small islands are called Tuckernuck and Muskeget. These two islands and main island are known as Nantucket county. This island is a top touristic destination for summer. People from nearby states and other states are visiting this island to swim and enjoy the sun. As tourists from all over the US visits this amazing island, population during summer increases.

Why You Should Choose Nantucket for Your Summer Holiday?

There are tons of different reasons to spend your summer holiday in Nantucket. First, this small island has an important historical background. It is believed that this island is named by Eastern Algonquian people. In this language, name of this island means faraway land. Also, another meaning of the name is suggested as sterile soil attracting no one.

In addition to this historical background, this small island has a history of European colonization. Back on the 1641, a group of British settlers invaded this island. After invasion by Europeans, people from Europe started to settle to Cape Cod. However, European people preferred mainland. For this reason, this island and Martha’s Vineyard island have become home to native Americans. Lost of native Americans have fled to this island and settled there.

Over the time, this island has changed. Currently, Nantucket is a popular touristic destination. As the tow is protected by local laws, original and attractive look is preserved. Also, natural beaches turned this island to an attractive destination.

How to Reach Nantucket Island?

If you want to travel to Nantucket, you have two options to reach this amazing island. You can either take the ferry or take a flight. If you will take the ferry, you can take you car as well. But if you don’t want to drive in your holiday, you can only buy your ferry tickets as a passenger. Generally, tickets for cars are expensive during high season.

In addition to ferries, you can fly to Nantucket. You need to book your flight in advance as Memorial Airport is crowded during summer. There are tons of options to rent a car in Nantucket. So, if you fly or take the ferry without your car, you can rent a car from the airport or ferry port. For this reason, many people choose to fly or take the ferry as passengers.